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15.2 to 19.95 Vdc operation
Magnet-activated test switch
Signature Series intelligence

Thông tin chi tiết

  • Less than 2″ deep for easy installation and applications where space is tight -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C) operating range with 100 ft/min. to 4,000 ft/min air velocity rating assures reliability under harsh environmental conditions
  • Status LEDs remain visible through clear assembly cover
  • Cover monitor switch for added security
  • Standard sampling tube spacing for easy drop-in migration from other detectors
  • Sampling tube can be installed with or without the cover in place and can be rotated in 45-degree increments to ensure proper alignment with duct airflow
  • 15.2 to 19.95 Vdc operation
  • Magnet-activated test switch
  • One Form C auxiliary alarm relay for controlling ancillary equipment (e.g., HVAC controls)
  • No special tools required for easy access to field connections
  • Signature Series intelligence
  • Environmental compensation with differential sensing for reliable, stable, and drift-free sensitivity
  • Wide 0.79% to 2.46% obscuration/ft. smoke sensitivity
  • Identification of dirty or defective detectors.