Bảng điều khiển hệ thống báo cháy Naffco

Liên hệ 0907080979

Mã SP: infiNET
Mains supply fuse: 1.6A 250V
Power supply DC rating: 24V 3 Amps
Aux 24V supply: Fused at 500 milliamps

Thông tin chi tiết

Construction & IP Rating1.2mm mild sheet steel, IP30
FinishEpoxy powder coated
Colour – lid & boxBS 00 A 05 grey – fine texture
Display8 lines of 40 characters graphic LCD
Mains voltage supply110 or 230V AC 50 or 60 Hz
Mains supply fuse1.6A 250V
Power supply DC rating24V 3 Amps
Aux 24V supplyFused at 500 milliamps
Maximum Battery size9Ah 12V (2 per panel) (non-networked)
Fault contact rating30V DC 1 Amp
Fire contact rating30V DC 1 Amp
Alarm contact rating30V DC 1 Amp
Sounder output ratingFused at 1 Amp each
Detection loop400 milliamp output
Serial expansion portSerial RS485
PC portSerial RS232
Network connectionRS485 – Up to 64 panels
Remote Silence input (SIL)Switched -ve
Remote fault input (FLT)Switched -ve
Remote reset input (RES)Switched -ve
Remote alert input (INT)Switched -ve
Remote evacuate input (CNT)Switched -ve
Download leadStandard SEN-MX5807, SEN-MX5806 economy
ConfigurationVia Loop Explorer PC utility
PC graphicsVia Locator systems
Weight6kg (standard panel)