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  • Enclosure Models:
  • BB-1001 Backbox for one Annunciator Chassis with keylock door.
  • BB-1002 Backbox for up to two Annunciator Chassis with keylock door.
  • BB-1003 Backbox for up to three Annunciator Chassis with keylock door.
  • BB-1008 Backbox for up to eight Annunciator Chassis with keylock door.
  • BB-1012 Backbox for up to twelve Annunciator Chassis with keylock door.
  • Notes: 1. Enclosure finish: Painted semi-gloss off white
  • 2. Material: BB-1001, BB-1002, BB-1003 are 18 GA. (0.048″) thick CRS except the BB-1003 Door
    which is 16 GA (0.060”).
    BB-1008, BB-1012 backboxes are 16 GA. (0.060″) thick CRS, Doors are 14 GA (0.075”).
  • 3. See installation instruction section for enclosure’s dimensions. Module Models:
    RAM-1032 MAIN ANNUNCIATOR CHASSIS (32 Display Points)
     20 to 39 VDC (filtered or full-wave-rectified)
     Sealed membrane-like buttons and LED indicators.
     Local Buzzer, Indicators (AC-On, Common Trouble, Remote Failure, Aux. Disconnect, Acknowledge, General
    Alarm, Signal Silence, Test/Config Mode), and Controls (System Reset, Lamp Test, Fire Drill, Aux. Disconnect,
    Buzzer Silence, Signal Silence, General Alarm, Acknowledge).
     Buzzer Silence activation silences the main fire alarm panel buzzer and all attached annunciator buzzers.
     Annunciation of up to 32 Points.
     Expandable by using up to four RAX Modules.
     Standby: 50 mA Max., All LEDs “On”: 150 mA Max.
    RAX-1048 ADDER ANNUNCIATOR CHASSIS (48 Display Points)
     Interconnect via one ribbon cable to RAM-1032 or to previous RAX-1048.
     Annunciation of up to 48 additional Points.
     Standby: 15 mA Max., All LEDs “On”: 100 mA Max.
    Current Drain for Battery Calculations:
    The maximum normal current drain will be during Lamp Test when all lamps are illuminated on one chassis at a time.
    Thus the currents are …
    Normal Standby = 50 mA + ______________ X 15 mA = _________
    (number of Adder Chassis)
    Maximum = 150 mA + ______________ X 15 mA = _________
    (number of Adder Chassis)
    The Normal Standby Current is used for Battery Size Calculations (see the Fire Alarm Control Panel manual) and
    includes the current drain for the Trouble Buzzer, Trouble LED, and one Alarm LED. The Maximum Current is used to calculate the wire size (see the Wiring Instruction).
    Mircom’s modular design RA-1000 Series Remote Multiplex Annunciator panels provides a large capacity of annunciation (up to 208 points) with standard Mircom Series 1000 Fire Alarm Control Panels. The RAM-1032 Main Annunciator Chassis is a 32 Circuit Annunciator which may be expanded with up to four RAX-1048 Adder Annunciator Chassis to a maximum of 208 Circuit Display Points. Each Circuit Indicator is a bi-colour LED that is automatically configured to match the Fire Alarm Control Panel configuration. There are five types of enclosure available: the BB-1001, BB-1002, BB-1003, BB-1008, and BB-1012 which can take 1,2,3,8,12 chassis respectively.

Note that the RAM-1032 is supplied with the NP-680 Laser Printable Label Sheet. Column 1A or 1B (English or French) is selected for 2-Stage or 1-Stage Systems respectively. Column 3 is discarded and the last four columns are filled with the blanks after they have been printed. The RAX-1048 is supplied with the NP-681 Blank Laser Printable Label Sheet.

NOTE: The RA-1000 normally displays Initiating Circuit Status (no individual circuit troubles); however, Models RAM- 1032TZ, and RAX-1048TZ will allow individual circuit trouble indication. Indicating and Relay Circuits are not remotely displayed. See the Fire Alarm Control Panel Manual for more details.

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